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builder of smart ideasteams, & things.


i'm annie hardy

a company leader

strategic innovator, 

design thinker

& founder

my story.

Annie Hardy is an innovator, strategist, futurist, and entrepreneur. Ms. Hardy's passion and curiosity drive her to connect with her clients and colleagues, advocate for the best of ideas, push the envelope of the status quo, and strategically build meaningful things. Her adventurous bent is inherited from her ancestors, who settled some of the roughest, toughest land in South Texas. Ms. Hardy has two decades of experience evangelizing human-centered design and advocating for underrepresented voices - within and alongside financial services, healthcare, and technology companies. 


Ask her about her three kids and she'll tell you many, many stories. Ask Alexa to play "Life Bites Back by Joey Hardy” and you'll hear her album. And ask her about her favorite food and she'll wax poetic about funnel cake.


my skills.

where i excel.


i'm able to cultivate teams and employ sustainable, repeatable frameworks that allow employees to more efficiently collaborate, execute, and grow. but the most important tool in my leadership toolkit is listening. the multi-departmental relationships I build empower me to have transparent, productive front-line conversations that inform strategic decisions. 

strategic insights

information is useless without interpretation. i take customer and market information and blend it with foundational company knowledge, creating a consideration set that's rooted in wisdom, not just in data. 

technical aptitude

cloud and enterprise applications, mobile payments and NFC, EMR integration and artificial intelligence, blockchain and autonomous vehicles; i've spent my career understanding and disseminating information about a multitude of technologies. so albeit not a technical professional...i'm a professional who deeply understands tech. 


as both an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur, i'm experienced in creating and shipping good ideas from scratch within zeet and previous employers. 

building relationships

my #1 strength on StrengthsFinder is WOO - winning others over. whether it is an internal stakeholder, channel partner, analyst, or media, i'm skilled at building credibility, engendering trust, and fostering genuine relationships. 

human-centered design

i'm a practitioner of the art and science of human-centered design, from solutions architecture, to process design and product design. i take a practical approach to design in the context of bigger corporate goals, economic trends, and resource constraints.

primary & secondary research

whether primary or secondary, qualitative or quantitative, i'm experienced in building and adapting research strategies that generate solid, actionable insights. 


my advocacy spans from the human-centered discussions in the boardroom, to poverty conversations in my city, all the way through my leadership in organizations dedicated to gender equality. i care about people and what happens to them, and i evangelize that in my community.


whether crafting a song, creating a new idea, facilitating a design workshop, or founding a company - at the end of the day, creativity is at the heart of who i am and what i do. 

my work.

companies that trust me.

Allscripts  |  Panasonic  |  Charles Schwab  |  ISACA  |  Box  |  Symantec  |  Frontier Communications  |  TD Ameritrade  |  Macmillan Learning  |  W2O Group  |  Valvoline  |  Mosaicos Venecianos de México  |  Ben Milam Bourbon  |  Canvas Jewelry  |  Towny  |  Satisfyd  |  Citibank  |  Santander  |  Wells Fargo  |  SunTrust  |  First Data  |  Cisco  |  Juniper  |  CenturyLink  |  Time Warner Cable Business Class  |  Teradata  |  EMC  |  BMC Software  |  Gravitant Cloud Brokerage  |  Equinix  |  First Tennessee Bank

notable outcomes.


in retained annual revenue attributed to the program. (Centene Corporation, Children's Health Insurance Member Retention Program)


ROI from a $5,000 direct marketing campaign that led to $160,000 in closed business. (Fiserv, Marketing Manager, membership card DM campaign)


growth in YOY Revenue. (zeet insights, founder)


percent of clients alienated by the original UX/content strategy...a finding which led them to urgent UX changes. (Charles Schwab, design & experience research)


saved from being invested in a product that wouldn't sell. (Macmillan Learning, market landscape evaluation, competitive analysis, & requirements gathering)


saved from being invested in a company that couldn't compete. (Mosaicos Venecianos de México, market landscape evaluation, competitive analysis, & requirements gathering)


client revenue at risk due to a specific feature the team was planning to sunset - a fact we discovered in our research.

(Allscripts, brand research & positioning)


my portfolio.

because the work i do creates competitive advantages for my clients, i do not share my artifacts online.


my expertise includes but is not limited to: 


design sprints  |  personas  |  journey maps  |  experience maps  |  mental models  |  design research  |  market research  |  competitive analysis  |    interviews  |  generative research  |  contextual inquiry  | card sorting  |     quantitative/surveys  |  brand positioning  |  workshops  |  digital strategy  |     marketing strategy  |  outbound call center management  |  community relations  |  Spanish fluency  



to learn about my project outcomes and artifacts, please reach out to me directly below. 


my ideas.

the metaverse
the future of work
the future of trust
artificial intelligence
the future of expertise
recent ideas.

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recent writing.


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bonus: my music.


"Life Bites Back" (Joey Hardy Music) - writer, musician, producer

on Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes.

"The Wounded Dog's Choir" (Steven Hansen Music) - co-writer

on Amazon and iTunes.

"Almost Lost Tomorrow" (Killer Crocs of Uganda) - co-writer

on Bandcamp.

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